seaton tax agent… The best actually

Today I met Michael Calabrese for a meeting and I can honestly say he is one of the most professional people I have met and very relaxing but to the point (which I appreciate).

I pulled this from his businesses website (

Welcome to MC Tax Plus.

Unlike many other tax agents, here at MC Tax Plus we will process and lodge your tax return on the day of your booking, answering any questions regarding your tax return on the spot and allowing you to receive your refund as FAST as possible.

Not only are we fast, but so too are we EXPERIENCED, as all MC Tax Plus consultants are well-equipped with years of experience and knowledge. Unlike other tax agents working straight out of amateur courses with no first-hand experience, we guarantee that we know what we are doing.

Being fast, and experienced also comes with being AFFORDABLE. With Salary and Wage tax returns completed by an experienced tax consultant starting from as little as $90, we guarantee you peace of mind knowing that MC Tax Plus is always looking after you! 

here is what one person said on yelp! about them.:

Everyone has their favourite Accountant. Generally, I find that most accountants get their business through word of mouth. I don’t believe a lot of them really need to spend that much money on marketing if they are good. I was first recommended this accountant by three unrelated people. So word of mouth for Michael Calabrese is doing well.

When you find a good accountant, it doesn’t matter where their office is situated. You will travel if it means your tax and business if done right. The people who recommended my accountant were business owners. So I knew that their opinions where valid. Business owners generally test Accountants out a bit more than the general consumer.

I have been going to Michael for around 5 years now. He is good at what he does and fast. My tax returns are never really complicated. But he has always surprised me with my returns. I guess every situation is different, but I have always left his office with a smile.

Michael is efficient and he will ask the right questions. Previously I have been caught out by overworked Accountants from big firms that just look at you as a number. That is not the case with Michael, he takes his time to ensure everything is covered.

I will continue recommending him and everyone that I have sent to him have always been happy.

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