Man know thyself

welcome to my first blog where I will talk about everything that really interests me. I will cover topics ranging from Atlantis, to philosophy, theosophy, pre-history, drugs and their natural uses through history.

I will talk a lot about my views on the world and it will change as my thought processes change and eveolve. I will try and discuss current events from a more esoteric point of view and I will cover other topics and their relevance to the occult and the secret history of the world. I will bring up previously disregarded though well documented cases of godess/goddess worship.

I will give instructions on Kundalini Yoga and meditations. I will give you commentry of various aspects of tantra as well as sexuality with your partner. I will discuss my views on Society as a whole (this will probably be frowned upon because I will be roasting a few sacred cows here).

By following my blog posts you will learn how I view the world and the greater mysteries. My aim is to bring you to a new way of being able to look at things.

You will become a better person if you follow everyhing I have to say. I will never charge you a dime or cent. I will never ask you to try anything I haven’t tried myself.

I will break down other aspects of healthy living and having a positive self esteem in this crazy and every changing world

I am really looking forward to this so I hope you all enjoy the journey.